"Truth is like a baobab tree; one person's arms cannot embrace it." ~ Ghanaian proverb

A home anchored in hope


A church home is critical in growing a student's walk in the Spirit of God. It is the place for corporate worship and reminder that not only "I" need to be saved, but also "we" need to be saved. It is a practice of spiritual discipline acknowledging that God is in full control including our time.

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a family anchored in love


NY Daily News has cited in July 2015, "As of 2013, 55% [of AA kids] grew up without two parents." Ziol-Guest has stated, "the negative relationship between living with a single parent and educational attainment has grown with each generation." Please pray for family restoration of our students.

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networking for success


Our professionals help students understand that college is the launchpad for their careers. We know "it's not just what you know, but who you know", but without proper mentorship a student will struggle in his/her career especially with the increase in global competition.

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community of fun friends


Friends play a major role if not the biggest role in many of our students' lives. They are the ones who have the greatest influence when a person begins life on his/her own. But, making friends can be challenging. We help students find the right friends and the best friend Jesus for their life.

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We Love the Truth

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
- Matthew 6:33

Through our Bible studies, we focus on growing our personal relationship with God. In addition, we continue digging deeper by exploring practical applications in our lessons and opportunities of leadership development.

Let's Grow!